The Custom Hat and Bag Shop is located in the Western Mountains of Maine.  I have been crafting bags and hats for 5 years and use the finest quality of 100% wools and acrylic yarns. All hats and bags can be designed in different colors from what we have in stock. We do ship  within 2 business days. Most special orders will cost about the same, as a hat or handbag would, if you took it off the shelf in a department store. Custom fitting does not usually cost you anything more than the time it takes for me to knit it and send it out to you.  Custom logo's will cost an addition $5.00.
Shipping Information:
All shipping is via Priorty Mail and will be sealed in plastic bags.  Please email me with your detailed information.  I will email you back within 24 hours, with your shipping price. 
We do ship outside the United States.